Nekrosima Trisagion


Παλαιό Μέλος
Does anyone have the score for the long nekrosima trisagion score of Balasios the Priest in PLagal 2nd? Preferably in PDF format. Would be helpful and I would be grateful.

Thanks. A good remainder of the 40 days.


B. Diener

Psalt at Holy Trinity, Plovdiv BG
You could have taken a look at the link given by Mr. Giannoukakis.
Also here from the "Pandekti"
Thre is also a special topic here.
Dear Neoklis,
You are correct and Thank you for the advice. I could have used these copies, but I preffered to copy it myself so I am sure there is no changes to the score, wich I encountered in the scores you mention.
Thank you again!