"Lord, I have Cried" in Spanish - Plagal 4th Mode


Παλαιό Μέλος
Christ is risen!

Something I worked on with a friend a little while ago.

He is truly risen!

Based on my weakening memory, I remember I adjusted the Spanish text to the Greek melody in 2008,
for the 1st and 2nd modes.

1)One delicate point was the sequence of the words
" Señor a " = " Lord to "
which could easily be heard as
" Señora " = " Lady "
and I solved it by inserting a pause in between.
I wonder whether you are satisfied with the end effect in your case.

2) My second comment is about the actual Spanish text you use.
Speaking from memory I used a text from a printed Spanish Bible which went:
" Señor a Ti he clamado, escuchame ..."
Are you sure you have the "right" text?

If you are interested I shall find my old hand-written scores and upload them.

By the way are you related to Fr. Timothy Cremeens?
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