Exaposteilarion of the Transfiguration


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Where can I find a byzantine melody for the Exaposteilarion of the Transfiguration (Φῶς ἀναλλοίωτον Λόγε / O changeless light)? It is listed as an automelon but I haven't found it in any irmologia yet. Is it considered to be more of a prosomoion? I see that Fr. Seraphim Dedes score on the DCS says "Having embellished" above the melody (which is his translation for Ὁ οὐρανὸν τοῖς ἄστροις). However, what I have heard and seen on western scores reminds me more of Εν Πνεύματι τω ιερώ but shorter.


Παλαιό Μέλος
It is automelon, see Νέον Εἱρμολόγιον Ἀ. Παπαχρήστου pp. 394-395, and it has prosomoia on September 10, December 5, 12, April 25, May 24, June 4, July 2 etc.
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Νέο μέλος
Thanks. Is that book still available? All I can find by searching online are several references from this forum and various lists of Byzantine music books. I also looked on the Stamoulis website and it doesn't look like they offer it any longer.

I spent some time listening to what recordings I can find online of this hymn and decided to try my hand at writing down a melody. This is an attempt to follow the style of Petros Peloponnesios. Is it any good?


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