Apolytikion of Saint Demetrios


Νέο μέλος
I have noticed that in all the old music books in which I have found the apolytikion for St. Demetrios, the words "Μεγαλομάρτυς Δημήτριε" / "Great Martyr Demetrios" are missing. Does anyone know why? Was his name added to this hymn at some point? I noticed this first in Mousiki Kypseli a while back, and thought maybe it was just a variation in that book. But now I looked in some more books & noticed the same thing in: Doxastarion of Petros ed. Kiltzanidou, Syllogi Idiomelon & Apolytikion by Manuil / Hourmouzios, and Mousikon Apanthisma
Interesting. So not only were those words added but it also originally said «Θεσσαλονίκη» instead of «η οικουμένη». I wonder what people at my parish would say if I chanted it that way. And the English translations I have used would need some rearranging to fit in “Thessaloniki”.
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