People of Psaltiki
Psaltai and musicologists for the first time categorised into schools of thought
The classification into schools below in incomplete. The schools of thought considered here refer to the current time. However, this page will eventually grow to include information about older psaltai as well.
8th - 19th century
St. Ioannis Koukouzelis : The Maistor [html]
Gregorios Protopsaltis : Life, works and commentary [html]
20th century till now
Iakovos Nafpliotis: The old Patriarchal school [html]
Thrasyvoulos Stanitsas: The modern Patriarchal school [html]
Constantinopolitan school [html]
Thessalonikean school [html]
Athonite/Monastic school [html]
Chios school [html]
Emmanouel Vamvoudakis: The Jerusalem school [html]
Simon Karas school [html]
Athens (Conservatorium) school [html]
Folk music influenced school [html]
Modern protopsaltai school [html]
The academic school (Musicologists) [html]
The Arabic school [html]