Two Armenian Šaraknoc' at the University Library of Fribourg (Switzerland)

Université de Fribourg, Flüeler Collection

Cod. 2
Canon for the Eve of Theophany (f. 9r)
1662 • Šaraknot' with khaz notation written by Simon the Priest at Brnakot (province Siunik). Description by Davit Ghazaryan.

Cod. 3
Hymn of Saint Sukias and his companions (f. 284r)
1647 • Šaraknot' with khaz notation written by Awetis in Khizan (province Van). Description by Davit Ghazaryan.
My mistake: these manuscripts are Codices 3 and 4. I will correct it... Codex 2 is Arabic!

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