This Sunday's Narthex Press Entry: Fair warning


Παλαιό Μέλος
Christ is Risen!

Hopefully not many of you use Narthex Press but for those that do some errata I came across that some unsuspecting psaltis may fall prey to:

1) At the 3rd Ode of the Katavasies, the final word of the heirmos should be Ἀνάληψιν/Ascension but in both the English and Greek, Narthex Press presents "Ἀνάστασίν/Resurrection" - I checked multiple sources and could find no basis for this change. Why it was done is beyond me.

2) At the 9th ode, the Megalynarion of Pascha is correctly presented however the Katavasia Ὁ῎Αγγελος ἐβόα...Φωτίζου, φωτίζου printed, and not Σὲ τὴν ὑπὲρ νοῦν should be for the Sunday before Ascension.

There were other mistakes of lesser gravity such as forgetting to present the names of prosomia or indicate the mode, which for the uneducated are a big deal. It makes me sad that many parishes are held hostages to these books, the result is that it prevents the development and legitimacy of the psaltic art from taking hold. What was originally conceived with what I'm sure are great intentions, has turned into a work of poor scholarship, marred by lazy editing.

I hope no one encounters any issues this weekend where these items are concerned.