The English Hyphos Project - The Hymns of St. George on Bright Monday



I am posting this just asking if any of you would be willing to share this link far and wide. This is a project I am hoping will take off and lead to producing a series of all English high quality Psaltic Art recordings, of which currently there is a dearth of. So, share it on Facebook and Twitter, if you do not mind. I would deeply appreciate it!


Hello everybody, a quick campaign update - We are over a quarter of the way to the goal of $4,000! Thank you to all of the donors so far who have gotten the campaign to this point. I greatly appreciate it.

Now that it is finalized, I wanted to announce the St. George icon giveaway! If we are able to reach our goal of $4000, we will have a drawing to give away a hand-painted icon of St. George, painted by Brian Matthew Whirledge - - an excellent iconographer based out of Indiana that many of you know in this group. Attached is a picture of the icon he is providing for the drawing.

So, the rules of the drawing are as follows - every $10 donated equals 1 ticket into the drawing. So, if you donated $50, you get 5 entries into the drawing.

So, those of you who have donated, please share and spread this campaign so as to guarantee we can have our drawing and give away this beautifully painted icon. And those of you who haven't - a greater donation gives you greater odds of winning the drawing!

Here is the link to the fundraiser -

God bless, and may you all have a blessed Ascension!

~Samuel Herron, Project Director0E82F746-06A1-453E-9F5D-C9C63D892B79.png