Patriarchal Psaltophiles announce the publication of Psalticon.

The language of the book is Greek. It follows the typikon of Biolakis, which is what all churches should follow in the United States. We are announcing this in English, in case any English speaking chanters would like to have the standard texts of Vespers, Orthros, and Liturgy printed out for study or church use.
The book offers in print the text that doesn't change every time, leaving the parts that do change (text from paraklitiki or minaion) out. This provides a sort of template that helps student chanters understand the 'moving' and 'non-moving' parts of Vespers, Orthros, and Liturgy. Understanding this template, is a good step towards understanding typikon. It also helps you learn the non-moving parts well, by having them all in one place, studying them and reading/chanting them every time from one source.

Our website contains a list of all reprints and books we make available on amazon. The prices are low, because we make no profit from these books.

From amazon:
A resource for the chanter of the Eastern Orthodox Church according to the tradition of the Byzantine Rite of the Archdiocese of Constantinople. It includes the original text for Vespers, Matins, and Liturgy with emphasis on the chanter's text. Larger font and no excessive notes for easy-to-follow text, with footnotes on chanter-related taxis. Appendix includes katabasias, kontakia, trisagion for the deceased, and prokeimena. Artoklasia and memorial service included at their appropriate places for easy access.
No profit is being made on this title. Cost covers only printing and shipping. Lowest price on Amazon. Published by Patriarchal Psaltophiles.