Play Ancient Byz Scales on Pc Keyboard


Παλαιό Μέλος
This Days I tryed harder to get byz scales playing on PC Keyboard
So this is result, Free Daw and Synth in the Attach

I will give a small explanation

Pc Music Programs devide octave in to 1200 parts (cents)
This can be done in program Scala
But easyer way is to do it manually
So I devided 1200 with 68 commas
And than multiplied that number with all of this sepperately
9 7 12 12 9 7 12

I devided half tones also and now we have 12 tones

And writed it in the .scl (txt file)
Than with scala this file i converted in mid file, to be loaded in Ivor synth
About converting see manual in Ivor

Ivor Synth need to be loaded in DAW (digital audio work station)

Ivor is Free Synth
And VSTHOST is free DAW

This is how to do it quck

1. Unpack
2. vsthost.exe
3. MTS
4. ! 1 tone
5. Start Playing with your PC Keyboard (Press red button up left, to Record)
6. Patch Number (change the sounds)
7. Experiment with knobs to get better sound

This are PC KEYBOARD keys to play if you do not have midi controller

z x c v b n m , . (ni pa vu ga di ke zo ni)
q w e r t y u i (ni pa vu ga di ke zo ni)
s d g h 2 3 5 6 (half tones)

If you have midi keyboard you can set audio options in Devices/wave
And midi options in Devides/ midi

If you start from z or q yuo have tone 8
If you start from x or w you have tone 1
If you start from c or e you have tone 4
If you start from n or y you are in tone 5

Soon I will upgrade this with other scales

Thank you all of you for helping me advance in Byz Music Notation


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Νέο μέλος
If any of you have an iPad, you can download the app called World Scales by Sub Deacon Karim Elfar. Not only does he have all the Byzantine scales preloaded on the keyboard, he also has it built in where you can adjust the tones yourselves or build new tones using cents. It has many different oriental instruments to pick from as well as a byzantine choir sound for ison.


Παλαιό Μέλος
This is Step by Step guide
Everyone can make as many different scales
As he want to play on Pc or Midi Keyboard
I am taking this example
But it can be done with any row of numbers, representing byz komas

12 9 7 12 12 9 7
All summed 68, as given by Chrysanthos of Madytos
First we change this in 12 tones, with half tones
So according to black keys on keyboard we devide 12 and 9 like this
6 6 4,5 4,5 7 6 6 6 6 4,5 4,5 7

Now we shall sum like this
First, First + Second, First + Second + Third, first ..... forth ...
And we shall multiply all numbers of this row with 17.647
Becouse PC virtual instruments devide octave in 1200 parts (cents)
1200 / 68 = 17.647

6 105.882
12 211.764
16,5 291.176
21 370.587
28 494.116
34 599.998
40 705.880
46 811.762
52 917.644
56,5 997.0555
61 1076.467
68 1200.000 (but we write 2/1 instead of 1200)

Then you can open notepad and write this
Then change the extension to ** Tone 1st 4th 5th 8th.scl.scl
Or edit any .scl file and put this numbers
So this is the final .scl file (txt document written in notepad)

! F:\.scl
1 BYZ 1st 4th 5th 8th

.sca Cannot be loaded in IVOR Vsti (virtual Instrument)
So it has to be converted to ivor mid file
This is the way to convert it

Instal Scala_Setup.exe (Scala is Free Program)
Install gtk2-runtime-2.24.8-2011-12-03-ash.exe

1. Open Scala.
C:\Program Files (x86)\Scala22

Run scala.exe i thing it has shortuct on desktop

2. File Open - Tone 1st 4th 5th 8th.scl

3. type * set synth 107 * down of the program and press Enter

5. On the File menu choose Export Synth Tuning, or press Shift+Ctrl+T, to open the export dialog
(Curiously, this dialog is titled Select MIDI File To Save).

Select directory and then in the upper field write

- Byz 1st 4th 5th 8th.mid

Press Ok, and CLose Scala

Then copy this file - Byz 1st 4th 5th 8th.mid here
vsthost/ivor/ivor directory

Now again open vsthost.exe
Byz 1 4 5 8.mid

Later if you have some problems to see byz scales in MTS
You need to refresh VstHost
To do it, just change the name of VstHost directory
For example Vsthost My Byzantine
And Run Vsthost.exe again

For Advanced users of Scala
Extract in Scala22 directory (too see many other scales)
You can see them this way
File New Mode, under number 68 are many Byz Scales
But you need more knowledge about scala to edit this scales


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Παλαιό Μέλος
You might want to have a look at the free BZQ software in:
with download files and examples.

You shouldnot install it. Just copy it to your disk or USB Stick
and execute BZQ.exe from the folder Support.
This folder also contains Help files.

The program contains 23 preinstalled scales, including those with
natural (pythagorean) intervals.
To further experiment with an arbitrary interval, e.g. 4,24 moria
(for the natural 25/24) simply write the text:

p 4,24 > p

and press to create the .wav file.
You will hear the note Pa and then the note Pa with 4,24 moria higher pitch. Please remember to use a comma "," and NOT a decimal point.

For more advanced work you can include petasti (flutter) characters etc,
and write a complete score to generate its Parallagi.
Hoping that this may help you in your research.