New issue of journal Musicology Today: Georgian Sacred Chant


Δημήτρης Κουμπαρούλης, Administrator
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Dear all, Nicolae Gheorghita has shared with me the following:

the last number of the international journal Musicology Today (which is index by EBSCO and RILM). Its last issue (Musica Sacra 3) is devoted to Georgian Sacred Chant:
Here you will find the editorial written by Nicolae Gheorghita and four studies by Manana Andriadze (†2013), Chanting in the Context of Georgian Christian Culture; Magda Sukhiashvili and Eka Dughashvili, On the Interrelation of Byzantine and Georgian Hymnography (As Exemplified by the Monastic-Hymnographic Schools of Tao-Klarjeti, Mount Athos and the Black Mount); David Shugliashvili, Concerning polyphony in Georgian Chanting and Ekaterine Oniani, Georgian Neumatic System in the Context of Orthodox Chant Tradition.
There are also two reviews by Magda Sukhiashvili (The First Printed Editions of Georgian Chant Collections) and Ketevan Matiashvili (Audio Recordings of Traditional Georgian Chants).