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Music Director at St. George, Albuquerque, NM
Dear friends,

As of this afternoon and evening, I have added "new" content to my website, I am making a note of it here so that those of you who might normally have to sift through the forum can now more easily access the materials through that medium.

Most (if not all) of the material has already appeared on Psaltologion, and thus is already familiar. I have uploaded the following doxastika and idiomela:

St Moses (Sep 3rd)
St Euphemia (Sep 16)
St Theophano (Dec 16)
Three Hierarchs (Jan 30)
Sts. Marcian and Martyrius (Oct 25)
St. Nicholas (Dec 6)

As well as the following hymns for the Divine Liturgy:

Only-Begotten Son (Pl. 1st mode)
4 Cherubic Hymns (1st, 4th, Grave, Pl. 4th)
3 Communion Hymns (Monday, Tuesday, Sep. 14th)

I have also added a new section with hymns for some of the idiomela and doxastika of Great and Holy Tuesday and Wednesday. This is something of a preview of a book that I hope to publish sometime in the future, containing music for all of the idiomela and doxastika of Holy Week. These scores can be accessed here.

I hope these scores prove helpful in your ministries of chanting. As always, comments, criticism, and suggestions are always welcomed.

In Christ,

EDIT: I have also added the Vespers Doxastikon of St. Eustathius, for September 20th.
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