M. Stroumpakis, "Nikolaos Docheiarites, Priest-Monk in Mount Athos (1781-1846?): an Exegete and Teacher of Ecclesiastical Music"


Παλαιό Μέλος
Here is an article on Nikolaos Docheiarites, a prominent Athonite hieromonk, pastoral administrator, chanter, teacher, copyist, exegete, composer, and adapter during the 19th century. Of particular interest are his transcriptions of the Mathematarion and Sticherarion of Germanos of New Patras into the New Method, his numerous compositions, and his adaptations of Byzantine music into the Slavonic language (done at the request of the fathers of Chilandar Monastery). Its author, Michail Stroumpakis, is a member of our forum.


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