Litourgika Xatziathanasiou First mode Eptaphonos

Roy Sahakian

Νέο μέλος
Dear members,

1-Based on your knowledge, is the book "ΜΟΥΣΙΚΗ ΖΨΔΟΧΟΣ ΠΗΓΗ" considered a reliable source for the work of M. Xatziathanasiou? Who published it and what was his relation to Xatziathanasiou (one of his students maybe?)

2-For the above mentioned litourgika (first mode eptaphonos), there exist mainly two different types of audio recordings (and musical scores) where in the first way, high "Bou" is diatonic almost throughout the whole litourgika (seems reliable with the notation in the above mentioned book), and the second way where Zw' and high "Bou" are lowered almost throughout the whole litourgika (Stanitsas and other Constantinopolitan chanters seem to execute it this way, and using the ephesis sign many times in their scores).

My question is: How should this litourgika be chanted in the way that Xatziathanasiou composed it?