Lesson 24 - Jan. 5 9th Royal Hour Doxasticon

Enclosed is an attempt at the Doxasticon at 9th Hour on the Paramon of Theophany. It is primarly based on the Petrou Lampadariou version in "Mousike Kypsele 1 (Megales Eortes) - Stephanou - 1898" except for the phrase "And come thou, stand with us" which is based on the previous version in the book (pages 229-230).

Would appreciate any thoughts, corrections, etc.

In Christ,
Rdr. Michael


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Παλαιό Μέλος
Dear Michael,
Thank you for sharing your composition with us. I would have liked to comment on it, but I am still struggling to catch up with many other responsibilities of mine. Anyway, I'm glad you can use my version of that doxasticon (even though I adapted the long version of it).
May you have a blessed new year.
+Papa Ephraim