KOMITAS AND HIS LEGACY—International Conference on the Occasion of Komitas Vardapet’s 150th birthday (8-10 October, 2019)

I am sorry for being so late, since the deadline is on Monday:
International conference
on the occasion of Komitas Vardapet’s 150th birthday

08-10 October, 2019
Berlin: Humboldt University
Halle: Martin Luther University in Halle​

Organized by
Komitas Museum-Institute
Armenian Embassy to German Federation

In collaboration with
Humboldt University Berlin
Berlin State Library
Martin Luther University Halle-Wittenberg

✓ Komitas and his time
✓ Komitas in Germany
✓ Komitas and musicology (ethnomusicology, church music)
✓ Medieval chant and liturgy
✓ Art music and national schools of music composition
✓ Comparative musicology

Working languages of the conference are Armenian, German and English. Abstracts of about 300 words accompanied by a short biography of the author(s) are to be sent by April 15, 2019 to the following e-mail:research@komitasmuseum.am .

You can download the call for papers in Armenian, English and German language.


Since Komitas is also an important protagonist for the oral tradition of Armenian church music, I think it is justified to post this call within this forum.

May I also suggest a sub-forum called "Αρμενικά" within the forum "Ψαλτική σε άλλες γλώσσες"?
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Komitas' works have various aspects, since he was a composer (Tbilisi, Berlin), ethnomusicologist, but also Hieromonachos (Vardapet) and Archimandrite. This podcast has a lot of interesting links (also to a virtual exhibition dedicated to him).

The biography and intellectual legacy of Komitas Vardapet, an orphan from Kütahya who became one of the foremost Armenian intellectuals of his day, is firmly embedded within Armenian national lore. Yet, seldom has it been told as an Ottoman story. This mixtape presents the life and works of Komitas through some of the earliest recordings of Armenian music, including his own performances.


This site includes two radio features about Komitas Vardapet's life within the context of Ottoman history and the genocide, links to the official site of the Komitas Museum in Yerevan which has also an audio archive, and historical recordings of Komitas as a musician or his fieldwork published at youtube.
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