January 22nd - Vespers Doxastikon


Music Director at St. George, Albuquerque, NM
Hello everyone,

Merry Christmas, Happy New Year, and Blessed Theophany. I hope this finds all of you well. Yesterday I worked on composing this doxastikon for St. Timothy the Apostle (January 22nd), which is chanted at Vespers. It's in the plagal fourth mode.

The first two pages of the pdf are a simple score; the latter two pages have some alternate lines for the last part of the hymn... not exactly classical, perhaps (especially the last page), but perhaps those who would like a little something "more" might enjoy them.

On the last page of the pdf, third line, there should be a fthora of ke diatonic on the martyria of ke, which has become pa due to the modulation. Sorry for forgetting that; I noticed after I had finished scanning.

Any suggestions, as always, would be really appreciated.

In Christ,