January 18th Idiomela


Music Director at St. George, Albuquerque, NM
Hello all,

This piece definitely takes the cake for a "group effort" - I've probably done less work in the actual process of producing this piece than any other I've ever done.

The actual musical score was composed 90% by Basil Crow, who gave me his kind permission to begin hosting and storing his scores on my own website.

The score itself was produced using the incredible software "Melodos", built by Mr. Savvas Papadopoulos of Greece.

I am still learning the finer points of formatting, spacing, fonts, character placement, etc using this software, so the score does not look like most of the others I have produced. Hopefully this will change in time as I develop a more professional-looking, clean, easy-to-read layout. (One step in this process is developing a fully-functional and identical version of Papa Ephraim's fonts for use in the Melodos program.)

Comments, suggestions, and criticism appreciated. Βοήθειά μας οι Άγιοι!



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And the Doxastikon of the Praises...


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