Heirmos “Φωτίζου, φωτίζου”


Παλαιό Μέλος
Dependence of the Paschal canon on the homilies of St. Gregory of Nazianzus is well-known. Here is another instance, which I’m not quite sure has been noted before: the beginning of the 9th heirmos of the Paschal canon, “Φωτίζου, φωτίζου, ἡ νέα Ἱερουσαλήμ, ἡ γάρ δόξα Κυρίου ἐπί σέ ἀνέτειλε” quotes (with a slight modification) the start of the homily of St. Meletius of Antioch (+381) on Resurrection. The text appears to be lost in Greek, but has survived in an ancient Georgian translation.

Christ is risen!
Actually, the ultimate source is Isaiah: φωτίζου, φωτίζου, Ιερουσαλημ, ἥκει γάρ σου τὸ φῶς καὶ ἡ δόξα Κυρίου ἐπὶ σὲ ἀνατέταλκεν. The homily quotes this verse fully, while the heirmos abbreviates it. But Meletius should be the intermediate link between the Scriptures and the heirmos.