Heirmologic Praises Plagal 1st?


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Hello All,

St Anthony's Monastery has a sticheraic setting for "Let Every Breath" in plagal of the first mode, and both sitcheraic and heirmologic settings for the subsequent verses from the Octoechos. Switching between sticheraic and heirmologic to use those verses is fine, but I figured i might as well ask........

.... is a heirmologic "Let Every Breath" setting available, in English, to HTM's translation or similar, AND (here's the kicker) written in line with the initiatives in the past decade or so to write in stylistically correct Byzantine Chant? (I think a heirmologic setting exists in Basil Kazan's work, and I'm sure I could find such a setting by searching the dozens of abandonware English settings from his time and before - many/most of which are of dubious stylistic correctness..... so I'm not asking for one of those)

Also just for my edification, is a Greek score or recording of such available? And while I'm here I guess it'd be good to ask, is there any (formal or informal) rubric against using this on Sunday?

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This is from St. Anthony's Monastery (Fr. Ephraim). I found it, I think, on this website somewhere. It is psaltic notation, I started a transcription to western notation but can't find it at the moment.


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