Eulogeisate ton Kyrion

Hello all,

i am looking for the piece "Eulogeisate ton Kyrion" composed by St. John Koukouzelis in the First Mode. If anybody has it, could they please either post it here or PM me to send it? It would be much appreciated.


Παλαιό Μέλος
Sam -did you ever find this piece --I think it might be in a batch of stuff that Menios sent me from the East Coast three or four years ago.

John, Protopsaltis of the West


If you are still interested, there are 3 different verses, called allagmata for the Holy Cross, for Angels and for Christmas, from Latrinos polyelaios.

Please tell me exactly

P.S. Sorry for the delay, I had your request in mind but I just bought a scanner!
If you have it, I wouldn't mind having all of those pieces if it isn't too much trouble. Let me know what you can do! Sorry for the late reply. I had sort of given up on this thread.