Enharmonic Phtora on Ni


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What is best Phtora to put on NI
To change to Enharmonic Scale, to Tone 3 Ga., from Hard Chromatic ?
Is it ok to put Adzem on Ni ?
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I writed personally neumes for this song
Cos I like it so much
And I coluld not find the original exact version

So I need Help about ending of this song
It seems to me that it changes to Hardchromatic Scale
And then goes back to Enharmonic Scale
Someone pls give me advice where to put phoras
I put something, but far from sure is it ok.

Akatalipton Esti - Ormilia


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Νεοκλής Λευκόπουλος, Γενικός Συντονιστής
From Simonopetra's book. Look at the ending of the second verse.
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Can someone explain
Why Diatonic Phtora on Ga, at the end of the song ?
When the song is in enharmonic scale
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Someone just answered me:
That many musicians consider Tone 3 GA, as Diatonic Scale
So putting diatonic phtora on Ga, is actually going into Tone 3
So Diatonic Phtora Ga, is Phtora for Tone 3

And sorry, I made mistake on the heading of this topic
It should be about Ga, and not Ni, as it is written
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