English music for vespers


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Hi Everyone,
I am relatively new to chanting and I don't speak any Greek, so I am hoping for some help with the "puzzle" of figuring out where to access English music in byzantine notation. I have printed out all the music for vespers from St Anthony's byzantine music project, but it is missing content. Does anyone know where I can access this music (photo below). I also use the eMatins/ AGES DCS app for English music but would prefer to develop a library for the Church rather than printing music needed for each service. If anyone has any advice for me or resources you can share I would greatly appreciate it.

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Hi Emma,
Congratulations on taking up Byzantine chant! :) It's great you've found St Anthony's and Ages. I'm going to refer you to two sources it took me much too long to find for myself (It took me years before I learned that finding music generally comes under Liturgics, rather than Chanting, for a start!) Here's a webpage that gives advice about building a liturgical library http://www.saintjonah.org/services/library.htm. I've found Hieromonk Herman really helpful. Although he's coming from the Russian tradition (it's not very different but enough to be confusing to a beginner at the chant stand), he does discuss books based on the Greek tradition. He does an excellent course on Liturgics on Youtube. The first lesson looks at books and a calendar of the seasons of the Church Year:
and the fourth lesson looks at Vespers:
My only concern is that you might find it a bit daunting at this stage because there's a lot to it... but σιγα σιγα (siga, siga = little by little - there, you've learned some really useful Greek!). May God and the angels bless all your endeavours
Maria Juliane
Hi Maria,
Thanks so much, you're given me a lot of information and homework to do. I love chanting but I can see it's going to be life long learning for me! Do you know of any good English recording of the Matins services in the different tones? I have the Vassili Hadjinicolou recording for Vespers, and would like to find something similar for Matins and Liturgy in different tones. I'm looking forward to watching the videos you've recommended. Please let me know if you have any more advice for me.
God bless you and all of us.
From Emma