Confusion with Sharps (Διέσεις) and Flats (Υφέσεις)


Αετόπουλος Αντώνιος
We are missing something very important. It's one thing to sing a small sharp (say 22 cents), and another to include it in bigger interval. I agree that we cannot sing or hear (discern that is) 22 cents-well at least as a general rule. But, we can sing either 204 or 226 cents and discern the difference.

Nikolaos Giannoukakis

Παλαιό Μέλος
Dear Antonios,

We do not sing cents. We sing pitches. Pitches are defined in Hertz (frequency) and even then we make a mistake because human sound consists of fundamentals and overtones and harmonics. Cents better reflects one way of referring to the intervals (fundamentals) between specific pitches on an equal tempered scale.

Can you upload a sound file with you performing the equivalent of 202 cents (of the eq. temp.scale) in Hertz and the equivalent of 226 cents in Hertz in the key of C (Do)?