Byzantine Beginnings: Teaching Resource

Saw this on Facebook recently and thought I'd link it on here...

"Why Byzantine Beginnings?
Learning byzantine chant is like learning a new language. In Greece chanters spend 4-6 years training full time to be chanters! That is not possible for many people in the US. While Byzantine Beginnings is still in its infancy, my goal is to provide a way for anyone to learn Byzantine chant easily and quickly so that they can begin chanting from Byzantine notation in their services. The games are materials are appropriate for children and adults. "
Thanks for sharing Lusas. I should have shared my website and ideas before but my introverted nature got in the way!

Your post made me realize how skimpy my home page was. So, I redid it so that it provides a better overview. It now has pictures that show the materials/games and I think you can get a good sense of how everything works together to support learning.

Basically, these materials and games work for everyone---children and adults, those with little musical training or lots. The tactile, visual, and spatial elements of the program provide lots of support for learning. I even think that you could successfully train a western trained liturgical choir to chant. That theory hasn't been tested out yet, but I look forward to the challenge if I ever get the opportunity :)

My professional training was in teaching music, language, and reading and these materials and games are all based on best practices in education. I am constantly evaluating how well the games work and changing the games and/or materials so that they maximize student learning.

My goal is to make byzantine chant more accessible without dumbing anything down.