Books by Robert F. Taft SJ (free)


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Hi everyone. I just discovered this message, but the site is gone. if anyone downloaded the books while they were still available, and can email them to me, or upload them here, I would be grateful.


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I discovered the following torrent, [DK: link removed due to infringing copyright by the torrent seeder]

which contains the following (among others) :

  • OCA 200Taft Great Entrance.pdf 51 MB
  • OCA 238Taft Diptychs.pdf 18 MB
  • OCA 261Taft Precommunion rites.pdf 35 MB
  • R.Taft, Liturgy of the Hours in East and West.pdf 46 MB
  • Taft byz rite.pdf 3 MB
  • Taft Entrance (100%).pdf 6 MB
  • Taft heures.pdf 18 MB

It has only one seeder at the moment, but I was able to download a couple of the above. You might give it a try.


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Hi, The Liturgy of the Hours is in Google books, not complete, but for what I have been able to see not very much is missing. You can download it with "GoogleBooks" download.
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