Anastasimatarion (mp3) in Slavonic


Νέο μέλος - monah Nektarije/

Eight Mp3 files with the most important hymns of the eight tones. Byzantine chant, serbian slavonic pronunciation, following the Anastasimatarion (Voskresnik) of Manasij Popteodorov. The chanter is father Nektarios of Burazeri (or so I have been told).

This is not serbian pronounciation of Churchslavic. He mixes elements of Russian, Bulgarian, and Serbo-Croatian pronounciation. There is also a lot of incosistency. Also, Slavic obviously isn't his mother tounge, because he's pronouncing slavic sounds (sh, ch, zh) a bit weird. There is really a lot of wrongly pronounced words, but overall it's decent.
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