Anaphora in Grave Mode Enharmonic (from Ga)


Music Director at St. George, Albuquerque, NM
Some recent work I've done, inspired by Sam Herron's recent work composing settings of the Anaphora in various modes.

The translation is the new GOA official translation of the Divine Liturgy.

As to the mode - I was inspired by Fr. Dositheos Katounakiotis ("the Blind"), who has a very similar set in Greek and from whom I lifted a couple of formulae and ideas. The English version is only very loosely based on his, though.

For more information on the life and work of Fr. Dositheos, Papa Ephraim has some very helpful resources on this this page, including a document about his life entitled "Recollections of Fr. Dositheos," which I highly recommend.



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