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Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of Australia

School of Byzantine Music

(under the auspices of St. Andrews Theological College)

About the school

The Holy Archdiocese of Australia, with the blessing of His Eminence, has founded an official school of Byzantine Music (Psalmody), the first of its kind in Australia. An initiative of the first chanter (“Protopsaltis”) of the Cathedral of the Annunciation of the Virgin (Redfern, Sydney) Mr. Asterios Zouriakas, the school operates as part of the Theological College of St. Andrews, however, it admits whoever interested, not just the college’s students. It consists of a three year course, after which a diploma will be issued to the students, authorised and recognised by the Archdiocese of Australia. The main focus of the school is the training of new chanters who eventually will occupy the chanting stands (psalteria) in our churches. At the same time it will contribute to the artistic development of practising chanters and will act as a point of reference with respect to upholding our ecclesiastical musical tradition. The school accept students of all ages and both sexes on the condition that they pass the appropriate entry exams. Apart from Mr Zouriakas, the teaching staff includes diploma holders Mr. Dimitri Koubaroulis (the left chanter “Lambadarios” of the Cathedral) , Deacon Gerasimos Koutsouras (former first chanter “Protopsaltis” of St Sophia) and Mr Vasilios Psyllacos (first chanter "Protopsaltis" of St Andrew). All teachers' contributions to this effort are on a voluntary basis. Lessons are given in both English and Greek, however chanting is always done in Greek for the time being.
The shool started operating officially on the 7th of March 2005. Whoever interested can ask for a brochure with analytical information about the school and an application form to join by writing to this email address
Teaching Staff
Mr. Asterios Zouriakas
First chanter ("Protopsaltis") of the Cathedral of the "Annunciation of the Virgin", Refern, Sydney
BTH, BA, DipByzMus (Serres)

Dr. Dimitri Koubaroulis
Left chanter ("Labadarios") of the Cathedral of the "Annunciation of the Virgin", Redfern, Sydney
DipByzMus (Athens)
PhD (Computer Science)

Mr. Gerasimos Koutsouras
First chanter ("Protopsaltis") of St Sophia Parish, Darlinghurst, Sydney
B.A., M.A. (Sydney University),
M.Th. (Aristoteleian University of Thessaloniki),
Dip.Byz.Mus. (under D. Sourlantzis),
Teacher of History, Modern Greek and Orthodox Christianity at All Saints’ Grammar.
Formerly Protopsaltes at Ag. Theodora, Thessaloniki


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The Registrar
St Andrew's Greek Orthodox Theological College,
242 Cleveland St, Redfern, NSW 2016
Phone +61 (02) 93196145