/ Mi Prosefksometha
/ Idiomelon of the First Sunday of Triodion


Patriarchal style

Thrasyboulos Stanitsas
[mp3, 1.3 Mb] (1970s)

Kyr-Basilakis Emmanouelidis
[rm, 400 Kb]
(from cmkon.org)

Dimitrios Magouris
[wma, 1.1 Mb]

Thessaloniki style

Athanasios Karamanis
[mp3, 1.8 Mb]

Chrysanthos Theodosopoulos
[mp3, 1.1 Mb]

Other recordings

Manolis Hatzemarkos
[mp3, 1.6 Mb]

Demosthenis Paikopoulos
[mp3, 1.5 Mb]

Fotis Ketsetzis
[mp3, 2 Mb]

Fr. Gregorios Nakos
[mp3, 1.2 Mb]

Gregorios Daravanoglou
[mp3, 1.4 Mb]

Karas' style

Lycourgos Angelopoulos
[mp3, 1.3 Mb]

Ioannis Tsiotsiopoulos
[mp3, Mb]

Dimitrios Galanis
[mp3, 1.6 Mb]

Conservatorium style

Zoi choir
[mp3, 1.2 Mb]


Triodion of Thr. Stanitsas
(from ec-patr.net)