/ 13th International Conference on Eastern Chant
/ Iasi, Rumania, 22-25 May 2006

The Centre for Byzantine Studies at Iasi is pleased
to announce the 13th International Conference on Eastern Chant to
be held in Iasi, Rumania from 22nd-25th May 2006 

under the motto: 

"35 years after the 14th AIEB Congress at Bucharest,
        10 years after the Royaumont Congress" 

on subjects related to the general theme of: 

"Accumulated Research Results from the General Perspective
            of the History of European Christian Ecclesiastical Culture - East and West" 

under the spiritual guidance provided by Father
Archimandrite Clement Haralam, abbot and protopsaltis of the
Three Hierarchs Monastery at Iasi and exarchos of Moldavia, 

and under the high patronage of His Holiness Daniel
Ciobotea, Archbishop of Iasi and Metropolitan of Moldavia and

Major conference themes are: 

STREAM A. Transmission and Reconstruction of Christian
                Musical Heritage,
with the subthemes: 

 1. Autochtonous Schools of
Ecclesiastical Chant of the 12th - 19th centuries. Contributing
Communities and Nations. The early contributions of Palestinian,
Syriac, Armenian, Georgian traditions. Macedonia - the crucible
for Graeco-Slavonic transmission. 
2. Mount Athos - Spiritual Republic and Cultural
Centre of the Christian Orthodox World. Musical, Iconographic,
Theological and Historical Heritage. 
 3. Inspiration and Improvisation,
Imitation and Mixing. The Evolving Shapes of Received Cultural
 4. Reports on outstanding MSS and
 5. Conservatism and Innovation in
Christian Europe's Eastern and Western Chant. 
 6. Methodologies, research tools:
cataloguing, digitizing, editing, publishing, IT applications,
information interchange. 
 7. National and international joint
projects. Networking and funding. 

STREAM B. General Issues Regarding the Christian Spiritual
                    and Cultural Heritage

Associated events 

a. A special liturgical service in the Three
Hierarchs Monastery on the morning of the second day of the
b. The festival of ecclesiastical chant traditionally
associated with the conference will take place on two afternoons
and will benefit this year from the first-time presence of
individual chanters and chanting groups from outside Rumania. 
c. A special performance of authentic Rumanian folk
melodies sung by reputed individual singers and groups. 
d. An exhibition of MSS and visits to some major
repository institutions. 
e. A 2-day cultural excursion after the conference,
which could include this time, besides some of the traditionally
important monastic centres, also an area of outstanding
ethnographic and ethnological interest. 

N.B. The number and the extent of the associated
events described above will depend on the number of registered

For comprehensive details, regarding all aspects of
the conference please refer to our site http://www.csbi.ro 

** Prof. Christian Hannick, Julius Maximillian
University of Wuerzburg in Bavaria 
** Prof. Giacomo Baroffio, University of Pavia 
** Prof. Rainer Stichel, Wilhelminian University of
Muenster in Westfalia 
** Prof. Gabriela Ocneanu, George Enescu University
of Fine Arts at Iasi 

We look forward to meeting you in Iasi in May 2006!