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/ Historic recordings from L. Angelopoulos/K. Angelidis' radio broadcast (Christmas '98)
Iakovos Nafpliotis
Christos Gennatai (slow Heirmos of the First Ode) [mp3, 3.2 Mb]
Theos Wn Eirhnhs (slow Heirmos of the Fifth Ode) - previously unpublished, good quality recording [mp3, 2.8 Mb]

Konstantinos Pringos
Tw Pantanaktos (slow Iambic Heirmos of the Seventh Ode) [mp3, 2.9 Mb]

Alexandros Moutaoglou
Eswse Laon (slow Iambic Heirmos of the First Ode) [mp3, 4.1 Mb]
and brief biography. (Constantinople 1895 - Athens 1980)
Private recording by L. Angelopoulos, 1974

Konstantinos Rousinopoulos
Christos Gennatai (slow Heirmos) [mp3, 3.5 Mb]
and brief biography. (Constantinople, 1895 - Athens ?)

Petros Maneas
Christos Gennatai (slow Heirmos) and the troparion of the Ninth Ode "Nehgenes" [mp3, 4.5 Mb]
and brief biography. (Constantinople, 189 - Athens 1950)
Maneas started his psaltic career as Protocanonarchos of the Great Church next to Iakovos Nafpliotis.
A fine example of stable unchanging isokratema (ison) on the basis of the mode (even though mechanical).

Metr. of Samos, Irineos
Christos Gennatai (slow Heirmos) [mp3, 3 Mb]
and brief biography. (Constantinople 1878 - Samos 1963),
Recording by Melpo Merlie, 1930
Irineos was a deacon at the Patriarchate at the time of I. Nafpliotis.

K. Mafidis
The "hymn of Christmas" which people used to chant in Constantinople on the way to church to wake up the neighbourhood in time for service. [mp3, 3.5 Mb]
K. Mafidis is a Constantinopolitan psaltis who now lives in Athens.
Recorded by L. Angelopoulos.