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I think you are drawing a wrong conclusion which is extreme. Music theory is the same for everyone. Isn't that what you want to learn to begin with? When you learn to read the theory, then choose how to execute it with the corresponding teacher.


Μαμάης Μιχάλης
Find a teacher whose chanting you find "nice", as if you would say "i would rather chant like him".
For the rest, i agree with Γεώργιος.


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I have some knowledge, I'm not actually a beginner. The problem is that I don't know who I should follow from now on.
For example, there are some psaltai who chant only what is written, without any attractions. They say that the Maistores in 1814 wanted to decrypt the music and we encrypt it again, without chanting what is written. The attractions were allways marked and they were exceptions, not rules.
Another issue related to first one is the relationship with the maqams. Some search the roots there, where aren't this kind of attractions we hear in present....

I'm very confused...