November 13 Doxastica - St. John Chrysostom


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My own work, with God's help.

They are not typed, but they can provide another source. Also, in addition to some alternate lines in each piece, there is a mistake in the final thesis of the Doxastikon of the Praises, where the thesis should be written to accommodate 4 syllables, and not 3. It should say "in behalf of our souls" and not "in behalf of souls".

Michael, I like some of your lines for the Praises Doxastikon, especially on "spiritual riches" and "unwithering flowers".

The opening line of the Praises Doxastikon, though, stretches the formula you chose for "sayings" (the one found in the original Greek). It needs a full 3 syllables, not 2.


P.S. My setting of the Doxastika of the Aposticha and the Praises were written on A4 paper while I was in Greece, so people might have an interesting time trying to print it.


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