N Roumas' "The Great Moses.."


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Where can one find a PDF copy of Nicholas Roumas' composition of "The Great Moses Prefigured" from Holy Saturday Orthros and Vespers?

ref: Samuel Herron's awesome excellent performance on his youtube channel:


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I guess you can get a pen, some paper and copy the score from the YouTube video by hand. Writing was a basic psaltic skill in older days, and it also helps with learning.


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Did some more sleuthing on this - for folk's future reference, this is actually a score in a book - presently apparently out of print. (that said, if I googled more and looked through Samuel's youtube channel more thoroughly before I asked the OP, I would have found this reference......)


Copying it down pen and paper was fine for me (though I am embarassed to show the rough results to even the folks at my parish!!!); that said for those interested in printing a real score there's also Chadi Karam's setting (to HTM, to my quick look there are fortunately only small differences between Roumas, The Lenten Triodion, or HTM's settings):