Maintenance of Analogion (non-forum) content


Παλαιό Μέλος
Hi @Dimitri, thank you very much for creating the Analogion (non-forum) site many years ago. It has been invaluable for Anglophone practitioners of Byzantine music. Unfortunately, the content is getting a bit stale: typos, broken links, and missing recent information. Not having time to do active maintenance is completely understandable, since circumstances change and people naturally move on to new priorities. But there is a certain duty of care to hand things over when we reach the natural end of the road. This frees up the next person who wishes to take up the reins.

One model for how this content could be maintained going forward comes from open source software (OSS). The existing public-facing content could be checked into a GitHub repository, with a deployment script to update the site on each commit. Anyone who is interested could propose fixes or improvements as pull requests (PRs), and you could retain complete editorial control of the site. Reviewing and merging simple PRs should not take much of your time, and more complex PRs can be processed (or not) as time permits. Over time, you may choose to grant one or more trusted contributors commit access and gradually step back from reviewing and merging PRs.

While this is not the only model for collaboration (e.g., a wiki also comes to mind), I think it could work well in the short to medium term. Let me know if you are interested in discussing this further. I am an experienced open source software developer and can help with any of the above if needed.


Δημήτρης Κουμπαρούλης, Administrator
Staff member
Hi @basil, I apologise as I completely missed your earlier message. I also regret that I have had no time to maintain the website. I am interested in discussing further. I will message you privately.