Lεsson 21 - Doxastikon of the Praises, Sunday before the Nativity

So the beginning of this piece has a very unique melody for "Blood and Fire" (Αἷμα καὶ πῦρ) that ends on Pa. I wanted to go with something similar, but I couldn't find any Pl. 4th Cadences on Pa that fit 101.

However, I did find one on page 285 in the formulas for 4th Mode Sticheraric (see 2nd attached picture). It's a very basic melody (may not even be ornate enough to match the Greek, but I didn't think it wise to invent my own formula), so I wanted to ask if this formula was acceptable to start this composition on? I like how it goes to Ga on "Blood" and it fits "fire" decently if one takes out the gorgon. Another possibility of altering it would be to replace the melody in the 101 formula with the melody on πῦρ from the original score. Is this acceptable?

Any thoughts? Is it unacceptable to pull a formula from another mode, even one so basic? Does this formula fit well enough for the piece, or is there a better solution?



Παλαιό Μέλος
I suppose your solution is satisfactory. But I think you should also be more open to using cadences on other notes besides Pa. I kind of like the 100 formula on page 881. I also like the 101 formula on p. 870, but perhaps it would be too radical to begin a sticheraric plagal fourth melody with a zygos.
I think I would have to see it to know exactly what you mean.
In the attached .pdf, I took the 100 formula from pg. 881 and had it start from Ga instead of Vou, so it ends on Pa instead of Ni. I also replaced the final note with the way πῦρ was written in the original.

I attached a picture of the formula for anybody's benefit who doesn't have Papa Ephraim's typed formulas at hand.


After much deliberation over this piece, I have finished composing it. Because of a point raised by Basil in this thread I decided to end the first line on Ni instead of Pa. The rest I kept fairly close to the original when applicable.


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