Νέο μέλος
Does any one know of a way i can get Karamani's Mousiki Kypseli. Its two volumes. I'm a student of Byzantine Chant and my teacher reccomended i get that book. My pappou went to greece and he could not find it. Anyone know of any sites that might have it, or any good sites with a variety of different chanting books?


Nikolaos Giannoukakis

Παλαιό Μέλος
In Athens there are two bookstores that carry most of Karamanis' books:

1) The Bookstore of Apostoliki Diakonia in Athens:
Αθήνα (Δραγατσανίου 2 – πλ. Κλαυθμώνος)
τηλ. 210 3228637, fax 210 3310977

2) The Bookstore of Nectarios Panagopoulos (within two blocks of the store above)
Χαβριου 3, Αθήνα
τηλ. 210 3224820, 210 3224819

In Thessaloniki, the one-stop-shop is the bookstore "Perivoli tis Panagias" within less than half a km from St-Sophia Cathedral

They ship internationally, but the costs will be $$$.