Ioannis Arvanitis: "On Chrysanthos’ Diatonic Scale"


Ευάγγελος Σολδάτος
Giannis has done nice work! He shows as the incompatibility between the Chrysanthos' two ways of expressing the music spaces-intervals from mathematical ratios to kommata. My opinion is that the ratios of ancient theorists represent the natural way of the diatonic scale but not the chroes of diatonic which are two, the soft diatonic and the hard diatonic (syntonon diatonon). The chroes of diatonic genos are described by ancient theorists (eg Anonimos) by using kommata. For soft diatonic they describe the 4chord as 15,9,6 to show the diatasis-stretching of the voice especialy for meizon tone. The syntonon diatonon has this sequence: 12,12,6. The natural way of diatonic scale could be reprezented as 12,9,8 1/2 as Ioannis concludes but when we chant we use all the chroes of diatonic scale especialy the soft one. The question now is: When we use each of them? My answer is that this is a tradition issue.