Idiomela for the Entrance of the Theotokos - Nov. 21

Here is a recent attempt at setting the Lord I have called Doxasticon. There are a number of tricky transitions that I was not certain about. I would appreciate any recommendations / corrections.

In Christ,
Rdr. Michael
I have an insane work week until Thursday, so it'll probably not be until Friday I can take a good look as to work out the corrections. Thanks for this! I do admire you working on staying close to the Kypseli score for this piece. If you have the Efesios Doxastarion, check this piece out there and see if the slightly different formula used in similar spots help inspire some different ways to compose the formulas you struggled on, such as "O sovereign lady - θεόνυμφε Δέσποινα". Efesios writes it in a way that might help you write a thesis without it being so awkward to sing with the odd rhythm and flats, yet preserves the melodic contour to ending on βου. I'm attaching a screenshot for you to see the beginning of the piece.

Thanks for your hard work, it is greatly appreciated.