Idiomela for Prophet Elijah / Elias (July 20)

Here are some of the Idiomela for the Prophet Elijah / Elias on July 20 (our feast day).

First, see the last entry in the St. Anthony's Seminar on Composing Byzantine Music for the Lord I have cried Doxasticon:

Enclosed are other arrangements we have done. Hope you find these helpful.

In Christ,
Rdr. Michael



Music Director at St. George, Albuquerque, NM
Are you a big fan of Konstantinos? Your compositions tend to have the same flavor as this Doxastarion. I like it, they're very well done, as well as extraordinarily melismatic.
I've actually not really studied his work at all... The little bit that I've seen, I've enjoyed, but usually my doxastika are not based off of his. The two that I posted were basically "through-composed" - I wasn't trying to base them off any one Greek original, although I did take some inspiration from composers like Karamanis and Priggos for the Vespers doxastikon.