"I Weep and I Wail" - Pl. 4 Funeral Idiomelon


Νέο μέλος
I've attached an arrangement of the Plagal Fourth idiomelon for funerals, "I Weep and I Wail". It's modeled on the version found on p. 299 of the Triodion & Pentecostarion, Mousike Kypsele, as the Doxasticon for Friday night Vespers when the mode of the week is Plagal Four. I chose this, rather than a version found in a collection of funeral hymns, because this was the only one I could find that was "new slow sticheraric", and thus I could use Fr. Ephrem's formulae to fill in where strict adaptation was impossible. The English text is taken from the Funeral Service in the STS Press Great Book of Needs.
I hope this could be of service for anyone who's chanting a funeral in English! Please let me know of any mistakes I've made, or suggestions for improvement.


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