English Great Paraklesis?


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Christ is Risen! I pray everyone has had a blessed Bright week, and will continue to have a blessed (and healthy!) paschal season.

Does anyone have a recording of the Great Paraklesis in English (I know that at least HTM has made a translated metered text, but I'm not aware of any recordings available).

I want to learn the heirmoi in the next month or two, and while I have a few Greek recordings, it would be easier for me to learn them from English.



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Excellent, thank you to all. As I'm most familiar with HTM I'll go with Psaltiki (who appear to use HTM in the samples I've listened to)

I should have figured Ages would have one too (with recordings of the Heirmoi, for that matter). At least this translation is not so blatantly similar to HTM.

(for the record for newbies who stumble on this thread: HTM and Ages seem to use.....let's say the same base translation. VERY often the difference is just a few words moved around per sentence. HTM strives for Elizabethan English, and Ages uses "modern" English, to include inclusive language. And as I can't objectively expertly compare translation accuracy, nor have even thirdhand knowledge about the textual translation/editing history of the texts, I'll leave it at that.........)