"Eastern Sacred Chant", a talk by Dr. Dimitri Conomos for the Oxford Orthodox Christian Student Society, Nov 2011

Dr Dimitri Conomos : Eastern Sacred Chant: A presentation to the Oxford Orthodox Christian Student Society at the Mary Hyde Eccles Room, Pembroke College, on November 24th 2011.


Dr Dimitri Conomos is a well known Byzantine musicologist. He has taught Medieval and Contemporary musicology at several universities in Europe, North America and Australia. He has written several books and a large number of articles on various theoretical aspects of Eastern Church music, including: The Late Byzantine and Slavonic Communion Cycle: Liturgy and Music, Dumbarton Oaks, 1985, and Byzantine Hymnography and Byzantine Chant, Hellenic College Press, Brookline MA, 1984.

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An interesting presentation, thank you Taso. Is it possible for someone to extract the audio and attach to the forum as well? Thanks.