Doxastica of St. Paraskeve, July 26


Παλαιό Μέλος
I have composed the music in English for the doxastica of St. Paraskeve, whose memory is celebrated on July 26th. Since July 26th falls on a Sunday this year (on the new calendar), her Orthros doxasticon won't be chanted this Sunday morning, but her other two doxastica from Vespers will be chanted this Saturday evening in Vespers.
The music in Western notation is available at: 2003 - [5826a].pdf
and the same thing in Byzantine notation is at:
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Thank you! Could you explain us the difference between long and short dots noted in the text part?

(Ποια η διαφορά ανάμεσα στις μεγάλες και τις μικρές παύλες που σημειώνονται στο ποιητικό κείμενο;)


Παλαιό Μέλος