Doxastica for Vespers for Indiction


Νέο μέλος
I've attached arrangements of the 3 Doxastica from the Menaion which will be sung in Vespers this Saturday night: the "Lord I Cry" Doxasticon for the Indiction, in Plagal 2nd mode; the 1st Aposticha Doxasticon, for St Simeon the Stylite, in Plagal 1st mode; and the 2nd Aposticha Doxasticon, for the Indiction, also in Plagal 1st mode. The English text is from Holy Transfiguration Monastery, and the music is roughly modeled after Kypsele. Please let me know of any problems (e.g. formulae used, text fitting, orthography), and any advice for improvement. Thank you!