Hello Everton. Do you have in possesion Theodor Fokaefs’ cheroubic hymn written in the patriarchal style by Vasilios Nicolaidis? Thank you very much!


Παλαιό Μέλος
Nikolaidis’ manuscript volumes with cherubic hymns are available here:Χερουβικά-Βασιλείου-Νικολαίδου.10096/#post-67372Δύο-τόμοι-Χερουβικά.18029/#post-97782

However, in my opinion it is better to just take the corresponding classical scores (e.g. as printed in Progakis’ liturgy volume) and simultaneously listen to Leonidas Asteris. Or to excellent interpretations by Fr. Dositheos Katounakiotis, which are as patriarchal as it can get, even if he hasn’t ever been to Fanar.