BzqData Byzantine Music Database


Παλαιό Μέλος
BzqData Byzantine Music Database

The latest version 21.10... of the BZQ program has been uploaded.
It has the ability to search and find specific Byzantine music sentences (formulas) contained in the BzqData.txt file:

1) The upload includes the first (test) file BzqData.txt
which contains "Data" from a Doxastikon of Iakovos Protopsaltis.

2) The user can search musical phrases in the file BzqData.txt by a number of parameters such as:
Nuber of syllables, Accent, Tone, Composer, Ending note, Punctuation, Number of Beats etc.

3) The BZQ program now includes a simple search method and if any musical phrases are found then they can be immediately played inside BZQ with human voices or musical instruments.

4) The structure of the BzqData.txt file is "Open". Users with programming experience can develop their own specialised "Search Software".

5) The initial BzqData file will (hopefully) be gradually enlarged to contain many hymns, either by some more hymns added by the writer or contributed by other users.
To add a new hymn to the BzqData.txt it is necessary to code the hymn score in the easy BZQ mnemonic language.

I take this opportunity to stress that users are encouraged to write BZQ code, both to ultimately include it (with their name) to the Data Base but also (in some cases) to solidify their knowledge of the hymn.

6) On some computers the BZQ.exe program does not open and an error message is displayed. you can solve the problem as follows:
Click info etc (information). It is mentioned that the program is unknown etc.
Click "Run Anyway" and it will open.

7) The program is in Beta version.
Its use is demonstrated in the following video:

8) Download from


My thanks to the following persons for their constructive comments and remarks:
- Protopsaltis and Medical Doctor (France) Dr. Georgios Michalakis
- Protopsaltis and B.M. Teacher Mr. Nikolaos Taprantzis

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Παλαιό Μέλος
Updated Flow Chart showing the New feature 17 of checking a score for difference/deviation from the traditional Byzantine music phrases.
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