Article: Elements of Byzantine hymnography in "Croatian-glagolitic" hymn Christ is risen from the dead


Νέο μέλος
Marija Pantelić, Elementi bizantske himnografije u hrvatskoglagoljskoj himni H(rьst)ь v(ь)skr(ь)se iz mrtvih

Here is the full article. Unfortunately for most of you it's written in Croatian, but the summary is in German (like that helps lot :wink:). I attached the most important part at the bottom. The hymn is composed of several intact Eastern troparia and parts of various Byzantine hymns, while the fifth strophe is an antiphone of Western origin. This hymn was in use until 18th century.
For the C-slavonic translation of troparion „Hristos anesti“ I'll say that it's excatly the same as the pre-Nikonian version still used by the Old Believers. The translation of other Greek texts is decent, but but I would stick to the standard Nikonian version.

This is a rather interesting phenomenon. Croatian Glagolism inherited a lot from the pre-Schizm time and continued to use it afterwards. Except from this hymn there are, e. g. Psalter of Frashchich (which is a commented Psalter of byzantine type), additions from Eastern Liturgy in Vienna leaflets, etc. It is worth mentioning that the Croatian Glagolitic priests had a privilege to use Churchslavonic language in Divine Service, which is quite a big thing in a latin-dominated world.

The following images are taken from the Glagolitic Missal (1483.), which can be viewed here. The missing initial was meant to be handwritten in calligraphical manner, but for some reason that was not done. So the missing letter is capital „H“ for HR[l]ST(OS)b. The hymn starts from the three red letters shek[vencija] and ends at the bottom of the right image at the red letters shekvenc[ija]:


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