About old Ormylia records


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Want to ask about the best choir in the world, nuns of Ormylia
I found this casettes about 1992 year, or maybe little later.
Quality is not good, but those are reason why I became greek orthodox

- If someone can tell me the name of this songs and link for neumes
- If someone has better quality of this very old recordings, link
- want to ask, are there some new recordings from Ormylia, last 15 years
there are meny on YT, but I thing, most of them are before about 20 years


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Νέο μέλος
I too enjoy their recordings. Many of them are still available on CD directly from the monastery and they do ship internationally. The first two (Χαίρε Μαρία/Hail Mary and Λόγον Αγαθόν/A good word - labeled as “ton Agathon”) are on the recording “Theotokos our Hope” available here: https://www.ormyliamonastery.com/en/product/theotoke-i-elpis-theotokos-our-hope-2/ I cannot point to scores for either of those two.

As for Theos Kyrios, I do not know what particular recording that is from. However you can find a score in the second volume of Πανδέκτη (page 19, last Θεός Κύριος in the Akathist section).

The last one labeled “Tone 2” is the the first kathisma of orthros on the Annunciation «Ο μέγας Στρατηγός». It is on their Annunciation recording: https://www.ormyliamonastery.com/en/product/evangelismos-annunciation-2/ This is a prosomoion of the melody «Τον τάφον σου Σωτήρ» which can be found in an irmologion in the kathismata section. For example (but not an exact match) page 488 of the Irmologion of Ioannis 1903 edition.